Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Drawing Cylinders

My next lesson on the way towards my coveted goal of illustrating my first children's book was drawing cylinders on top of cylinders on top of cylinders. In the lesson book they call it Advanced Level Cylinders, but I still felt like a dope with a pencil no matter how advanced they were. I had to draw a bunch of forshortened circles and make sure that in some way they were organized on top of each other. Then using nothing more than straight lines, I dropped down each side one by one to create the cylindrical look. With some added shading to create value, I made a city of cylinders.
After that, by using more forshortened circles, I was able to create "holes" in the ground with a little critter peering out from below. Kind of silly, but all part of the plan.
It was then that I took up the small task of putting in way too much time drawing an Adirondack can.
Okay, after drawing the can I don't feel like such a dope with a pencil after all. Its only been a few lessons, but the improvement was showing up kind of nice :)

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