Thursday, January 23, 2014

Advanced Level Cubes

In my next lesson learned how to draw advanced level cubes (title, duh).
I apologize for not having step by step breakdowns, but I only felt it was fair not to give away every single plotted line to everything. I would pretty much be giving away the book Probably not fair to the author.
This was a fun one that opened my eyes to the potential gained from learning how to sketch this very basic 3 dimensional shape. I started by drawing a cube and keeping track of what is called my directional lines, like NW and SE (these are the lines I've drawn and the direction they go in). Making sure everything was aligned, I could stack, turn, and create doors. I could even draw arches, and ramps. Simplicity well organized can make for really fun drawings. I was very content. I wasn't making anything special yet, but I started thinking I was genuinely learning a skill.

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